Much Ado About Style came from the Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing. The idiom technically translates to a great deal of fuss over nothing, therefore my writing is dedicated to fussing over style, and lots of it. I can’t help but wonder how modern day Shakespeare characters would stroll around their stomping grounds. Many of Shakespeare’s plays are set in small Italian cities, but in modern times, would these love stories take place in the big apple or Hollywood?

We are almost mid-summer and it is hot, hot, hot! How would Shakespeare’s famous Juliet dress? Would she stroll down 5th Avenue in a semi-sheer House of Harlow or Mara Hoffman jumpsuit or tunic on the hunt for a masquerade gown or weekend getaway Beach Riot one-piece with Romeo. Perhaps, if it we were set in A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, Helena would dress in more romantic brands such as For Love & Lemons and Tularosa. It is inspiring to think of styling characters from different time periods and how their characters would reflect their styles. I love that styles can be transformed throughout the ages and repeat their cycles depending on the occasion and trends.

Sometimes when I plan a weekend getaway or an outfit for a party, I think of channeling a character from a movie or book. That is the best part about reading, writing and watching shows, plays or books; you can transform into another character or live vicariously through them. It also is helpful when you can’t figure out what to wear! Why solely wear the same frock dress style, when you can add a chunky ear drops from BaubleBar? Or, do a full switch and try out a pair of flattering wide-legged pants with a romantic, off-the-shoulder top! The possibilities of styling your summer looks are endless, and I hope you channel your inner Juliet, Helena or even those Three Witches from Macbeth with leather skirts and a mesh crop top.